Drag Racing

Drag Racing


The most addictive drag racing game with realistic controls, updated regularly with new features, adding 100k new players every day!

– Drive 40+ cars from Integra to Evo to Veyron SS
– Buy performance upgrades and tune your car
– Challenge other racers online!

WANT MORE? See “coming soon” section below. We’re working on more cool stuff 24/7!

HAVE QUESTIONS? See our website link below for Drag Racing FAQ.

PROBLEMS SHIFTING after last update? Settings -> Multitouch -> ON

*** TIPS:
1. Racing
– Blue/green lights on dashboard will help you launch and shift at the right time
– If there is too much wheelspin, you are not going anywhere
– Once you learn how to drive properly, ignore the lights and find your own winning strategy
– Nitrous is more effective on underpowered cars with lots of grip. Timing is crucial!

2. Cars and upgrades
– Test drive before you buy a car!
– The more your car costs, the tougher opposition you’ll face both offline and online
– Upgrades count towards increasing car cost/level, while tuning doesn’t
– Keep your car cost just under your level cap to get an advantage
– Adjusting gear ratios (Garage -> Upgrade -> Tune) is costly, but lets you achieve times that are impossible on stock settings

3. Game modes and winnings
– Race against beginner/amateur AI to get some quick cash and build your car
– Defeat bosses and unlock achievements for extra RP
– Go online and race against others to earn maximum cash/RP
– If your car isn’t ready for online races, earn some cash in “Drivers Battle”
– For the ultimate challenge, race against top players in Pro League

4. Misc
– Join facebook.com/DragRacingGame for news and strategy
– Try playing with vibration on (enable it in the “Settings” menu)!

– New cars! (…and bikes at some point, but shhhhh 🙂
– More car customization
– Friend races (next week)
– More game modes, ratings and leaderboards

Recent changes:
– Fixed Pro League not working for some players. If you had this issue, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you change your name after updating.
– Fixed some players not being able to change their names (“error 841”)
– Car list in Pro League is now scrollable if you own more than 5 cars on a level

SAD NEWS 😦 McLaren asked us to remove the F1 graphic from the game, so we had to replace it with a different image. We improved performance a little to compensate for this change 🙂

Content rating: Everyone

Latest version: 1.0.9 (for all Android versions, supports App2SD)

Pls copy and open the link in new tab

~ by Monish on October 17, 2011.

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