I must run

I Must Run v1.0.5

Galaxy Fit on my game installs and opens normally in version 1.0.1. But it is very Lagado (lag’s). I made a 748Mhz overclock and used the Chainfire, and he was 10. I played with no lag.


Description (Manufacturer)

You have only 24 hours. You must run!

I Must Run! is a skill-based action game running. Jump over gaps in the prison buildings, run through an underground station and test your reflexes in a deadly race cranes on a construction site. Getting to the city center and save his wife.Remember, you have only 24 hours. You must run!

TESTED IN: Nexus One, Droid / Milestone, Acer Liquid, Play Xperia, HTC Desire, Desire HD HTC , Samsung S Galaxy, Galaxy Tab Samsung, Samsung Galaxy SII, Xoom Motorola, LG Optimus 2X

Download I Must Run v1.0.5


Download I Must Run v1.0.1 (works in my Galaxy Fit)


~ by Monish on October 15, 2011.

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