Chainfire 3D

Be careful when performing this process in 5 Galaxy, several users are having to reinstall the ROM again.

Upon request, I’m putting the Chainfire 3D Pro 2.8, m has to have “Chainfire 3D Pro 1.8 – HD Games on any Android phone “I’ll show how to remove and install version 1.8 and 2.8.



Description (Manufacturer)

Chainfire3D – Take control of your GPU (OpenGL)!

Chainfire3D is an intermediate OpenGL driver. What does that mean? This means that Chainfire3D sits between your applications and the graphics drivers, and can intercept and / or change commands between the two. It has some built-in functions, and can be extended with plugins to provide extra functionality.

Features include reducing the size of the texture and quality to reduce memory usage, and potentially increase the performance of the game, as well as potentially increase the memory usage increase performance.

Tutorial step-by-step installation of a

1 – Have all the requirements below;

1 – ROOT of your phone, to make it go to:

SPICE: How SPICE XT300 leaving soon – Part 2 – Making the Root

Galaxy or other Mini: Root Android 2.2 – Super User

Gingerbread 2.3.4: Root Tutorial in Galaxy Mini Gingerbread 2.3.4

2 – Application Chainfire 3D Pro 2.8

3 – Plugins 3D Chainfire

2 – remove the “Chainfire 3D Plug-ins” into your SD card;

3 – Install the app Chainfire 3D Pro 2.8, (If I had a hard go at this point)

Install, Uninstall and Back-up Applications

4 – Open the app, and the Superuser of permições;


5 – Then select “driver CF3D”;


6 – He’ll look for the driver that are on the memory card and the phone will restart;

7 – After the restart, reopen the app, and select “Install plugin”


8 – It will search for plug-ins that are in SD, expect to finish;


9 – He will end the search and give you 3 options;


10 – Select one at a time, and the following message will appear;


11 – Now go back and select the “Fix settings Market”;



12 – Okay, now select the “Default OpenGL settings”;


13 – Select “Use plug-in”;


14 – Choose the PowerVR;


15 – Ready, ball games in HD! Be happyCheerful

Setup Uninstall 1.8 and 2.8

1 – Open 3D Chainfire 1.8 CF3D driver and select Uninstall and reboot;



2 – Wait for the phone to restart and uninstall the Chainfire 3D 1.8;

3 – Now install Chainfire 3D 2.8;

Application Chainfire 3D Pro 2.8

4 – If the driver already on the memory card, follow the tutorial from Step 4;

Changes and improvements!?

We added some more options in the app, and certainly an improvement in performance, test and tell the result.


Own opinion!

In the Mini Galaxy I felt a slight improvement, knowing that the Galaxy is already a super phone!

In SPICE XT300, I ran Angry Birds without overclock and no airplane mode, ie, dramatically!

Features more than Chainfire 3D

You can assign a specific configuration for each application. By clicking on “Per-app OpenGL settings”


Uncheck “Use default settings” and other options will be enabled.



Translation sudden all the options:

Handy shortcut for switching on / off
Supports red, green, blue, amber, salmon, and Custom (PRO) modes

Handling global OpenGL
texture size Reduce
Reduce the texture quality
textures Unwind
Replace shaders
(Pro) Disable the detection Chainfire3D
(Pro) Dump all the shaders
(Pro) Force size of depth buffer (EGL)
(Pro) Force MSAA (multisample anti-aliasing) (EGL)
(Pro) based on a manipulation OpenGL per-app
(Pro) market settings Fix

Plugins (Pro) Manage installed and shaders
– Backup Settings (Pro) and restoration plugins and shaders
A little more detail on some characteristics

NightMode reduces the number of colors on the screen, which in OLED saves a lot of battery. The various modes (especially red) are also great in low light, as they have less effect on your night vision than a full-color screen.
Note on generic textures (Generic note about textures)
The following features are only used if a texture format is supported. Chainfire3D natively only supports textures materials, but these can be extended through plugins.

Reduce the size of the texture (Reduce texture size)
This resolution essentially cuts (supported) textures’ half, which usually reduces the memory usage (4x) and improves performance by reducing the cost of just the quality of texture. This is not compatible with all apps! For many 3D applications, it works, how the GPU extends the graphics, but it does not work for many 2D applications.

Reduce the texture quality (Reduce texture quality)
This converts 32-bit textures to 16-bit textures, reducing memory usage (2). This will lower the texture quality, but for many games the difference is not readily visible. If this is actually faster or slower depends on your hardware.

Unroll textures (textures Unroll)
Converts 32-bit not 32-bit textures. This should not influence the texture quality, but it uses more memory. In some hardware that is faster than using 16-bit textures.

Disable the detection Chainfire3D (Disable Chainfire3D detection)
For compatibility reasons, applications Chainfire3D announces that it is being used.Using this feature you can turn this off.

Buffer depth (app-only) (Depth Buffer (per-app only)
Some applications expect a certain size of the buffer depth. Without this set, they can not work (at all). This feature should be used only if a application specifically requires – there’s a good chance that applications will not run if you change this setting incorrectly.

MSAA (multisample anti-aliasing) (per-app only) (MSAA (multisample anti-aliasing) (per-app only)

Allowing MSAA dramatically improves image quality with the cost of performance.Lines / edges become smoother. The options available are Automatic (the app decide), 4x, and 16x. Most applications do not allow MSAA, if at all. The ARM Mali MP 400 (used in SGS2) can even make 4xMSAA performance at no cost. Note that if your GPU does not support the requested level of MSAA, the application will probably not start at all.
Correct the configuration of the market (market Fix settings)
Plugins can add support for various features that would normally not supported by your hardware. Market, however, only reports the functionality of your hardware offers.Using this feature, Chainfire3D market will adjust for it also shows applications that require the features provided by plugins.Isto is not useful without the plugins

Backup and restore settings (Backup and restore settings)
Backup and restore all your application settings, plugins, shaders, etc. to / from your SD card

Plugins / (API plugins / API)
Currently, the plugin API is very limited, but allows for some very interesting plugins, as Tegra2 / PowerVR / ATI texture emulation (see API documentation a post below).The idea is to further improve Chainfire3D Plugins for OpenGL can handle the entire data stream.

From version v1.9, you can replace shaders app with their own modified versions.See a few posts below for more details.

As described above, the Pro version adds a little funcionalidade.Compra that will support my efforts.

Pro version – warez
Chainfire3D Pro is available on some warez sites, if you feel like tearing myself away But I should warn you that none of these versions really work as the Pro version is real.
– OpenGL ES 2.0 (each phone + this is 1GHz)
– SuperUser / Root
– Recordable / system (it will try to remount system as read / write when necessary, but changes need to be between reboots)
– S-OFF?
– Having root access from the recovery is a great advantage to solve problems, if you have them (run “/ system/lib/” as root to remove and restore the old driver)
Driver Installation CF3D

Chainfire 3D

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