Absolute Root System Tool

Absolute Root System Tools v1.7.8



Required ROOT.

Description (Manufacturer)

– (Requires a device Rooted + NAND device unlocked!) –

I will not be adding sounds
to animations that you download to
my application, as different devices are it would be
impossible to have each animation tailored
for each device. And wear a lot of

This is what the editor is bootanimation.zip to
know if you play your sound device so you
can edit the desc of the animation to include
the line

s mysound.ogg
MySound.mp3 s
s android_audio.mp3 (for the evo4g)
etc …

after any
p XX partName
you want to have sound

the device must support to play
sounds and you need to find out where
they play to and add it to desc

when you do and you find out if it works
or not, let me know so I can keep a record
of known device / sound sites.

Thanks: P:)

** Updated information for users HTC Evo4g **
if you’ve used unrevoked at the root of your device
, be sure to update to latest version of
App SuperUser and binary su, as they install the version that
is severely disabling and my App causing
major lag in EVO4Gs!

+ For users who say that my app does not work
all you have to do is e-mail me! And I’ll
try the best of my ability to fix any
problems! I know this app works, it’s usually just a
minor problem in most cases is up to you the User-mail to me, as I do not have 1000000 different Android devices to test with I need your support and emails of so WE
can solve any problem!
/ end rant:)


+ Root (U.S.) File Browser / File Management
+ + Zip file creation / extract
+ + Bulk Email File
+ + Bulk Copy / Move / Delete files
Picture previews + +
+ + APK File Viewer / Extraction
lot of + + other things: P

+ Editor bootanimation.zip (Change all values ​​to change the desc Width / Height / frames per second / Comment out parts / etc ..

+ Preview / DL Over 200 animations boot!
Animations + Import boot you have placed in the root of the / sdcard /
Preview + / DL More than 200 Fonts!

+ App + backup data to sdcard
+ Remove App Mgmt System / Application Data phone.
Cache App Mgmt + / Clear data

+ Text Editor to edit ASCII files! (Build.prop etc.)

+ Support Block AD

+ Build.prop editor

+ SQLite3 Database Viewer

********* ******* MIUI ROM
to change the fonts you have to press the menu button and select the phone MIUI Only (Arial.ttf) within the lower portion of the Source App

you just have to do it once per install app.

To boot animations to work with Samsung
devices that you have to be running a custom
ROM that supports it.

Samsung rooted cuttings will not be able
to change startup animations


~ by Monish on October 15, 2011.

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